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I'm sorry ;_;

I know I know I know I know!!

I haven't been neglecting this comic, I promise DX

You guys have to understand that outside of drawing, I have a very busy life (and so does MK); just when I think I have free time, I have to run off and do something else. So I'm not entirely sure when I am able to work on the next page.

It might so turn out that the quality of the pages might be toned down a bit. I don't want to have to do this, but it might turn out that way.

As for the other comics, I know Stwom gets updated more often than the other two comics I have, but that's because the first four chapters are finished and scanned and edited and stuff and... and... yeah. These other two I have to draw out and panel and ink.

It also might turn out that I'll have to find someone to do the inking and toning for me...

I really haven't drawn much of anything else, other than sketches and ideas for more plots.

There is a silver lining, however. It might also boil down to me getting someone else to do the inking... however, you will be unpaid and doing this for free/fun. I know, buzz kill (most of it is because I have no cash).

If you are interested in doing some inking/toning work, please let me know. I would like to see some of your work beforehand, and it would be preferable if you owned a tablet/photoshop/something other than Paint (sorry paint users). Its a lot to ask for... but....

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