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I'm not posting anything on purpose... ^^U

MandraKara decided that she wanted to redo some of the script, so currently I have nothing to work from. I am waiting for her to send me the next part via email so I can continue working on stuff.

I am planning to do some other artwork for this comic for you to enjoy, I just need the next week finished and I'll do some stuff this weekend.

In the meantime, however, you are more than welcome to read my other two webcomics:

Someone to Watch Over Me( ) is placed in the same world as It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn, but at a much later time period. Forseth is a full-blood demon who is not only the most feared soldier in the Dark Alliance, but also holds a high position of power within said Army. Everyone is afraid of him, except for some... his own twin brother, Haseo, and this new female soldier from the Dark Army. There be fighting, romance, and suspense in this pen-comic. So do read c: I started it in... 2008-2009, so the first two chapters are a bit on the older artwork side.

Bionicle: The Manga ( ) is exactly what the title says: a fan comic based on the first year or two of the original Bionicle story line, except with a twist and my own personal additions. This was my first comic, and I put it on hiatus sometime last year, but I recently brought it back. It, like this one, has changed coloring styles, but I believe that it is going to remain completely digital, since I have photoshop on my laptop now.

Enjoy reading, and thank you for stopping by!

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