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So, my hell week(s) is(are) now over (for now, at least). I've been working on the next page in the meantime, so I will get going on finishing it and posting it this weekend.

Although I now have photoshop on my laptop, I will not change this to be a digital comic (sorry folks). I will, however, post digital interludes if I ever do some digital art with the characters.

Thank you for being so understanding about the hiatus ;^; I might have to change how often I update to be every other week (at most), so I can get a page of one comic done one week, and then next page done the following. It depends on how busy I end up getting.
I'm kind of a sophomore Music Education major with 11-12 classes a semester, so cut me some slack .,.
So stay tuned! I promise that the next page will be up within the next few days; I go back home for Thanksgiving Break, so I'll have plenty of time to do some drawing. I might get like, two pages done and posted, depending on how much I sleep and/or visit friends. But I digress. I'LL GET WORK DONE, I PROMISE!

If you're interested in reading the other comics, go to my profile c: This is the only BL that I have, however...

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