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Um, yeah...

Script is undergoing a bit of editing due to miscommunication between artist and author (neither of us is really at fault. MK envisioned one thing, and Data drew it the way she envisioned it and the two were much different).

So MK is doing her best to re-edit her script with side comments and so that the dialogue doesn't come across as awkward (because both artist and author realized that Alastron and Kuronna's introduction and quick departure was extremely awkward - again, it was miscommunicated on how to portray WHY it happened like that, so MK is writing a scene to further explain that).

Data has the last part of the scene she's currently working on, so even while MK is editing, you'll get another page whenever Data gets her free time from classes and homework.

As an added bonus, you may have this, it was a little scrap MK wrote that would take place five years prior to this comic:

Thanks for all your love and support!

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