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... I'm excited that the number of watchers is increasing 8D (even though its only 7, I'm still excited!!)

I made a sad discovery the other day, as I was scanning the two most recent pages...

I decided that instead of using looseleaf paper, I would buy a sketch book to keep all the pages together. Seemed like a good idea, no? So, I went into the art store closest to me (to my surprise, they're now selling Copic markers, and that made me really happy XD Too bad they're like... $6 each), and I looked at drawing pads. And, do to price and the number of pages in a pad, I went to sketch pads. Yes, I know they're not the best of quality (since they're used for sketching... and I don't like pencil shading in sketch books XD), but they were cheaper and had more pages to draw on. And then I decided, Hey, why not get a bigger sketch pad (11x14), so I can cut them in half (more like divide them XD), and double the amount of pages? And if I can, use the back of the pages, to make 400 pages out of 100! GENIUS.
Its a good idea, believe me XD And it saves the number of trips I have to make to the art store to buy sketch pads... and saves me money on paper (what I usually use to draw on).
So then, I discovered:

1) The sketch pad doesn't exactly fit into my scanner. (Which really depressed me. I had a stroke of genius while trying to figure out how to scan though.)


2) The scanned copy of the drawing looks like shit.

So in the end, I came up with a couple of solutions (instead of being depressed that I just spent money on an idea that completely sucked):
1) Buy a new scanner/printer that can print bigger and better quality scans,
2) Rip the pages out of the sketch pad (which would ultimately lead to two updates instead of one... and if you know me well enough, I HATE ripping pages out of things)
3) Switch back to paper (which I don't want to do, so the first two seems the most logical).

Besides, my printer had a paperclip jam it sometime back in May, causing the actual printing mechanism to die. So I need a new printer anyways.

But I will think of something when it comes to the quality of the pages. It might take me reinstalling my tablet onto my Mac laptop (which, if you've talked to me on previous sites, my Mac DOES NOT like my tablet), and figure out if I can install the free Corel Painter I got or the Photoshop Elements that I received with my tablet back in like... a couple of years ago.

And heeeeeeeeey, if you like this story thus far, you should check out my other story that exists in the same world (only many years later XD)! Its called Someone to Watch Over Me, and its a comic made using only pen and black marker, and about twin brothers. I like it XD
Did I mention one's dying?


So, thank you for favoriting this comic and sticking with me as I try to update this at least once a week xD If I suddenly fail to do so, expect me either to update once every two weeks or within that month.

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