It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn

NAME: Nik or Data
SEX: Female (bwhaha?)
DATA: As you all know, I'm the artist of this comic. I currently reside in my house somewhere on the planet Earth. Greetings. I have a dry sense of humor... so, I caution ye readers! I'm not all that big of a fan of shounen-ai, but MK and I have had this RP going on for years now, and this comic is based upon two of our characters. The story was originally written as a "flashback" of their past, and then I decided "hey, why not turn this into a comic?" because I love drawing Alastron. ANYWAYS. So yeah, I spend a lot of my time drawing, writing, creating, and playing music... not much time for a life, no? Haha. So yeah! That's me!!

NAME: Shawna or MK
SEX: No thanks--I mean, female. (8D?)
DATA: Well, what can I say...Nik's part sound interesting and I'm just the background person who watches and is jealous of her talent. I can't draw (I sometimes pixel/doll), but I sometimes write, and that's sort of how this came to be...I guess. Unlike her, I have a very crazy sense of humor, especially my sarcasm - that's why I'm the writer and she just re-writes what I say. C; Like Nik, I'm not a big fan of shounen-ai or yaoi either, so I'm not entirely sure where all of this came from. It all started with--okay, actually, you probably don't care, that's why you read the comic! Point is, I'm the 'inventor' of the two characters even though Alastron is technically hers now, (I gives him too her because he's too horny for me to voice (-shot-)). I luffs my annoyingly girly Lexiant. :3 I have way too much spare time, and I have even less of a life than she does. And I tend to fail at life. I'm a grammar freak, and will flip out on people with bad spelling, ppl hu typ lyk dis, or people who use wrong words (for example, the other day I said, "She's incapacitated!" and Nik goes, "SHE'S MISSING HER HEAD?" and I'm like, "No, that's DECAPITATED." Hahaha~) So yeah, that's mah story, and I'm stickin' to it, yo~