It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn

It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn: FAQ

What is AWDBD about, exactly?
AWDBD is a flashback into the high school years of two of the more major characters of our Magyk RP, Lexiant Verenerenos and Alastron Illaseran, and how they first met and fell in love.

Where did the ideas for these characters come from?

Most of these characters have been in existence for at least four years now in our present-day timeline.

The idea was that the Lords of Light and Dark - Lexiant and Alastron, could fall in love despite standing for two completely different ideals in the magyk world. The original idea of creating Lexiant and Alastron was to create parental figures for my character Dûnisûn, the Master of Darkness in our RP. Dûnisûn was a younger and slightly more Lexiant-personality'd version of Alastron. So literally the idea of creating Lexiant and Alastron was to take the appearance and personality of one of my already existing characters and completely alter it in a way that you absolutely knew they were related to him even if they were nothing alike. Over time Lexiant and Alastron became their own characters, specifically after Nik took ownership of Alastron and made him nothing like I had intended, forcing me to change Lexiant as well.

Kunole, was created to be Lexiant's best friend, but in order to create the perfect best friend, it had to be a character who could related to him on people disliking something about them. Thus Kunole is actually a girl who for her entire life has believed she is actually a boy, and is oblivious to the fact that he is indeed a chick. Kunole comes across as a spazz and people don't know what exactly to make of him. In some ways he's also a representation of what I was in high school - the freak who is a very loyal friend, but no one knows precisely what to think about them, so instead that criticize what they don't understand.

Kimi and Becki were created to be two of few students who accept Lexiant for who he is regardless of his sexual orientation. They were created simply to take up space in drama, and to be friends of Ariada's when she isn't with the rest of the gang - but Kimi may play a larger role later on... I have plans for her. Kimi is a representation of how your fashion sense doesn't define your personality - she's a perky girl dressing in dark punky clothes. Becki is a representation of how stereotypes don't apply to everyone - she's a conservative and usually shy cheerleader. And when you put the two together as friends, they defy the high school norms, specifically because they're a year apart and closer than ever.

Spence was created because it seemed highly unlikely in my mind that with as rotten as past as Alastron has that he would become "buddy-buddy" with anyone. Spence is your typical popular kid's best friend - he's not as intelligent, he's jealous of Alastron, and when it comes down to it, he's Alastron's sidekick (or his bitch, as the others so kindly point out). However, Spence was intentionally given a personality that would clash with Alastron's to add drama. XD Like Alastron, Spence also existed in our present-day RP but was a lot calmer and much less of a jerk than he is as a teenager.

Taiko, like Alastron and Spence, already existed prior to the creation of this comic. If I explained why Taiko is here in this comic it would be full of spoilers, so I won't do that. Put simply, Taiko is Alastron's other best friend, but is actually much closer to him than Spence is. Taiko is made to be the polar opposite of Spence when it comes to being Alastron's friend - he's the friend Alastron can actually talk to - and Taiko knows more about Alastron than anyone, even possibly more than Kuronna does.

Kuronna was also existent before this comic came to be, but is not joined-at-the-hip with her brother present day and they seem to have gone their separate ways since graduation. Kuronna's existence in the comic gives Alastron a support system. Kuronna is the only thing that keeps Alastron determined to stay alive despite the horrible way his father treats him - he lives to protect her. Before meeting Lexiant, Kuronna exists to prove that Alastron can care for people other than himself, but he has a hard time showing it.

Ariada also exists in the present-day RP. Ariada's existence in the comic is to be the go-between. Ariada is Kuronna's best friend (with benefits?), thus making her a member of the school's goth gang, but at the same time she is enrolled in the school's drama program and is close friends with Lexiant who is in her year. Not only is she friends with the popular kids, she is also friends with the school outcasts - despite not playing a large role in the comic, she is a vital character.

If your RP takes place forty-three years in the future, what made you decide to make a comic about their childhood?

Just for the sake of entertaining myself one day at school when I had some free time, I starting writing a story about when Lexiant and Alastron were younger in high school, using Alastron the way I had originally intended him to be before Nik began voicing him; he's a snobby and angsty tortured soul, whereas Lexiant is a happy-go-lucky fruitcake. After the first story I wrote, High School Sucks (which originally did not begin the way it does now and has gone through major editing), Nik and I were like, "Oh, this is a really cool idea... but it just sounds like the biggest loser in school has a crush on the most popular guy in school - how the hell would they end up married with a child forty-three years later?" and thus I began to expand the story. Eventually after I had written about three or four "flashbacks" Nik decided she wanted to draw them out and thus this comic was born! c:

So, your RP takes place forty-three years in the future. Can you tell us what they're like present day (without spoiling anything that will happen in this comic)?

Without confusing the crap out of you? Probably not, hahaha... let's just say a lot can happen in forty-three years. @_@ I will say however, that of the main cast Kunole is the only one who never got married, and I cannot tell you who married who.

What exactly is the Magyk RP and how does it relate to this comic?

The magyk world, known as Archaonia, was created by a group of us when we were in pre-middle school. It's split down the middle into a light and dark half each controlled by a leading realm - Cresantia ruled by Prince Cresantis Silveri IV (Cresan) and Shadow Cresantia ruled by Prince Ashton Silveri-Armarian II (Ash).

The Lords of Light and Dark which Lexiant and Alastron are destined to become in this comic, override the monarchs of said realms, as they are the controllers of the elements themselves, whilst Cresan and Ash control the light and dark elementals (water, fire, etc).

The only others who can override the Lord of Light and Dark are the gods: the Demon Lord Erasphius Syrae and the Angel King Lucifer Archillion (who is deceased in this comic).

If you have any other questions, please send either MandraKara or Data2048 an email, and we will answer it for you!